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Meeting The World!!

Meeting The World!!

The busy season is coming to a gentle halt and I feel I have the space to breath and do ‘normal’ things again. Like right now – sitting in Café Central ordering a yummy salad croissant from our local main café man – Ze Alfonso!! Our first summer has been so much fun and more successful than we could have ever hoped for. The tents have been booked out back to back and I have been one busy bee!!

We have welcomed guests from all over this wonderful world and I realise that this is going to be so much fun! People are great – it’s so interesting to meet and find out about all these different souls. We’ve enjoyed guests from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, UK, Holland, Switzerland, France and even USA and Morocco. What an amazing selection of nationalities. Anything that connects people over this wonderful mama Earth has got to be a positive and I definitely have felt that – making friends and allies – weaving the web of things we have in common rather than things that separate us – this is so important in today’s world.

I feel lucky and blessed and very happy with our new venture – bring on September!!

Ok, ok, I’ve moved back into the house!

Ok, ok, I’ve moved back into the house!

So, I finally did it – I moved back, over the bridge and into my bedroom! After a very special opening ceremony on July 4th, the atmosphere was just so amazing in our Glamping area, that I decided to stay down there a while! I loved sleeping in the tent, hearing the sounds of nature and watching the shadows of the birds swooping down over the roof in the mornings. But now, it’s available to rent, so I’ve packed up and cleared out, leaving this beautiful space ready for the next lucky glamper!

And anyway…..I do have a very nice bedroom too 🙂
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